just another boring About page, NOT!

Let’s not make it boring! So I’ll get right in to the point.

I’m a motion  designer and 3D generalist who is passionate about making cool art. I’m self taught animator. I have specialized in variety of subjects e.g. fluid and smoke simulations, motion of elements, Characters, 3D animation and simple 2D motion graphics.

I work remotely and across time zones. I have worked with clients all over the world so basically location is not an issue!


I share different types of contents in different social  platforms. So make sure to follow me on all!


I tend to share dailies (not actually everyday, but most of the time) on Instagram. So if you are into motion design and animation, you'll definitely enjoy my content.


I share details, hacks and tricks I have used at each project (if it's not NDA protected) and the way I approached it and problems I had during the time of creation.


I share articles about marketing and how to improve your business every week. We have different ghost writers and experts of different subjects sharing their knowledge with us.



During the creation phase of projects, I share sneak peaks of them on dribbble so if you are interested, definitely check it out.